Gold Coast Mediation Services

Families in conflict can often find themselves at a stalemate. When communication breaks down reaching agreement on important issues, like who will care for children and how property or possessions are divided, seems impossible. MEDE8 Resolutions provides facilitative mediation for family disputes. Our practitioner is specially trained to help parents resolve their parenting issues and find mutually-agreed resolutions. This training is designed to be child-focused and meet the needs of separating parents to co-operatively co-parent your children. Ask us about Gold Coast Family Dispute Resolution.

Facilitative Mediation – How it works

Facilitative mediation is a process where a qualified mediator helps people come together to resolve a dispute. We don’t tell you what to do; we can’t give you legal advice; we simply create an environment where you can work through conflict in a safe and constructive way.


Who’s it for?

Facilitative mediation is used in many different circumstances. In family disputes, it can be helpful for:

  • Separating parents who are no longer able to communicate effectively;
  • Parents who feel anxious negotiating with former partners due to power dynamics or previous issues around family or domestic violence;
  • Parents who might want to change or review previously agreed upon parenting arrangements;
  • Separating partners experiencing difficulties agreeing upon property settlement issues;
  • Family disputes with extended family members;
  • Other relationship matters where partners are having difficulty reaching agreement.

Mediation is voluntary, informal and confidential; however, not all matters are suitable for mediation. Prior to attending mediation, you will be required to attend a pre-mediation conference to determine whether Family Dispute Resolution is the right pathway. Get in touch with us to discuss your matter and we can guide you on the next steps.


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) – How it works

Changes to the family law system require parties undertake Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) prior to applying to the court for parenting orders. While most matters successfully resolve through mediation a small percentage may require the court’s intervention to reach final resolution. Please visit the FAQs page for further information.


How does Gold Coast Family Dispute Resolution work?

Specialised training enables us to guide families to communicate clearly, help understand other people’s needs and interests, and reach a mutually-acceptable agreement, without the need to attend at court.


Helping Parents Put Children First

Parents are gently guided to put the needs and best interests of children at the forefront of negotiations. Working through a subtly structured process, we help you agree on common ground, clarify any remaining issues, brainstorm possible options and negotiate mutually-agreeable resolutions that have a good chance of working for everybody long-term.

If family dispute resolution is unsuccessful our practitioner can issue a section 60I certificate, as required under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth). The Certificate confirms to the court that FDR has been attempted and has not been successful. Read more information about our Gold Coast Family Dispute Resolution services.